Real Queens Fix Each Other's Crowns - Feminism, Film & Drunk Girls in the Bathroom


Future Female Magazine - Feature

"Hannah says, 'We try to be aware of our privilege and place in the industry and move forward with things we care about. For everyone, it's a continual learning process. You have to have your eyes open.' The team consists of artists they are passionate about...'I want to try and create a safe space for people to not only work but also learn."


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The Reel Women Feature


Reel Women - Instagram feature and virtual interview to 16K+ followers

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Medium / MUFF Society Crowdfunding Pick


MUFF Society - Interview and Crowdfunding Feature

"'Tell us about why you are a feminist and why it’s important to your filmmaking.'

HWS: 'I think being a feminist is such an inherent thing...intersectionality has to be at the heart of any movement. Feminism doesn’t make sense if it’s only benefitting a select few, or only benefitting white women, able bodied women, straight women. It just doesn’t work that way — so I definitely try to be aware of my own privilege and make sure that I take time to listen and not speak for others when it’s not my place. That being said, I’m also constantly learning and adjusting and figuring things out, which I think really is a lifelong me, it’s an important aspect to my filmmaking because it’s an important aspect of me as a person. Of course I want to tell stories about women and about my experiences, because these are the things I know, the things that make me who I am. I want to see stories that reflect how I feel about the women in my life, how those relationships are so layered and can be so strong and intimate and loving and empowering and so many things that you just don’t see depicted very often.'"


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